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Main research direction

Bulk handling conveying equipment and intelligent control technology research, research, new marine engineering equipment and new technology of port handling equipment and technology research, environmental protection type bulk material handling equipment and systems, energy-saving lifting equipment, mainly including the following aspects:

(1) the development and application of multi purpose drilling rig system

(2) research on the design of Deep Sea Foundation

(3) underwater production system technology development

(4) marine oil and gas development engineering equipment monitoring and control technology research

(5) marine oil and gas development and environmental protection technology

(6) intelligent stockyard stacker and Reclaimer equipment research

(7) research on intelligent port loading and unloading equipment

(8) research on high efficiency and intelligent equipment for offshore platform

(9) environmental protection material yard and dust suppression system

(10) the study of the long distance and complex line belt conveyor

(11) research on environmental protection bulk material transfer equipment and system

(12) research on energy saving port crane

Technology platform construction

The group has been founded in January 2014 by science and Technology Department of Hunan Province approved the establishment of "conveying equipment and system engineering technology research center" scattered in Hunan Province, in August 2014 by the Hunan provincial development and Reform Commission Award for the "enterprise technology center in Hunan province".

At the same time, will continue to promote the National Engineering Research Center, national enterprise technology center construction, Hunan provincial key engineering laboratory, National Engineering Laboratory, postdoctoral and reporting work, lay a good foundation for the development of enterprises and industries.