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Scientific survey

XXX Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "group") to "science and technology enterprises, science and technology" for the mission, and constantly improve the technology innovation capability of enterprises, to create an international brand, revitalize national industry.

The group company is currently the main business of the "black metal smelting and processing; textile and garment, shoes, cap production and sales; special equipment manufacturing", in addition, also relates to the development of mineral resources, non-ferrous metal smelting and processing, recycling and processing, logistics and service, network chain etc.. The group company is currently the main products are ductile iron pipes, pipe fittings, steel plate, steel, casting and forging, textile, clothing, leather dyeing, leather shoes, rubber products, engineering machinery, construction equipment, and special vehicles etc..

Group company is a national innovative pilot enterprises, has 2 state-level enterprise technology center, 1 National munitions technology testing center and 1 enterprise postdoctoral workstation, 20 provincial-level enterprise technical centers and 11 high-tech enterprises, have college education science and technology personnel 6664 people, accounting for the total number of employees 8.1%.

Since 2000, the group company to undertake a number of national projects, including 863 projects 3, the national 2 scientific and technological projects, major national science and technology projects 1, 8 state-level awards, the provincial and ministerial level and industry awards 44.

To June 2010, the group has a total of 451 valid patents, including invention patents of 36. Group company is the main drafting pipes and pipe fittings, steel plate, steel plastic composite pipe, cloth shoes and other products of the country or industry standards, as the only representative of China formulated and for many years the international standard in ductile iron pipe. Since 2000, the group has presided over and participated in the drafting of the formulation, revision, the international standard 7, the national standard of 31, the industry standard of 11.