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Scientific research

Research projects and government support programs

Over the past three years, the company assumed the national, provincial and municipal projects a total of 61, from 2013 to 2015 in the first half, access to a large number of government projects to support.

Market cooperation

Now with Germany, Denmark, Australia, University of Wollongong, National University of Defense Technology, Hunan University, Wuhan University of Technology and the universities and research institutions to carry out close cooperation, to capture the maritime mobile terminal, intelligent intelligent unmanned conveying system, and environmental protection and energy saving technology material industry, research and development of long distance and large capacity Chinese maximum diameter pipe belt conveyor series products. At the same time in the strategic restructuring of International Design Institute, successfully opened the water transportation system contractor whole industry chain, the future will continue to integrate resources and downstream industry chain, design and Research Institute of M & a marine survey and Design Institute, Design Institute of electric power, Metallurgical Design Institute and other well-known at home and abroad, to build the Class-A comprehensive design institute has 3000 technology research and development personnel, to become the world's most powerful project integrated service provider.

Hardware condition

Experiment center: Pacific reload group according to the national standard to build 15000 square meters of bulk material intelligent environmental protection experimental technology center, the center is located in the Pacific Jiuhua industrial park two period, which is used for smart material and environmental material technology transformation and application of unmanned intelligent field material laboratory, dedicated to the analysis and Research of material dry dedusting technology of fog environmental laboratory, laboratory, and the structure of service improvement in product development and performance of electric drive control laboratory.

The central control center: central control center is the central Pacific brain intelligent manufacturing system, can carry out real-time monitoring and remote operation of the production process.

The assembly debugging Ping: 200 thousand square meters in the assembly debugging site, perfect the assembly debugging mechanism, the performance of advanced testing equipment, product testing in the factory pre assembly debugging stage, the installation process and later used in the field of product lifecycle monitoring and follow-up stage, establish product perfect information base.