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Digital design process: is a set of integrated product design, product structure design, mold design (product real-time model), product performance and production analysis in one design. Our company offers a number of programs in the digital design process welcome.

Digital manufacturing is a trend, independent of the type of enterprise!

Digital manufacturing technology based on product lifecycle management strategy is in the integration of digital technology and manufacturing technology background, and in the virtual reality, computer network, rapid prototyping, database and multimedia support technology support, according to the needs of users, the rapid collection of information resources, product information, process information and information resources analysis, planning and implementation of restructuring, product design and functional simulation and prototyping, and quickly produce products reach the performance requirements of users throughout the manufacturing process.

In general, digital is the transformation of a number of complex and changeable information into measurable figures and data, and then the appropriate digital model is established by these figures and data.