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Informatization is the historical process of training and developing the new productive forces represented by computer based intelligent tools and benefiting the society. Intelligent tools, also known as information production tools. It must have the functions of information acquisition, information transmission, information processing, information regeneration and information utilization It is a kind of productivity that is compatible with the intelligent chemical industry. Intelligent production tools and production tools in the past productivity is not the same, it is not an isolated thing, organized information network system is a large scale, from top to bottom. This kind of network production tool will change people's way of production, work, learning, communication, life style, mode of thinking, and so on.

The information is based on modern communication, network and database technology as the foundation, the research object elements summary to the database, a variety of techniques for specific groups of people living and working behavior, learning and decision-making and closely related to human beings by combining the use of the technology, improve the efficiency of all kinds of behavior can be great, great technical support for promoting the progress of human society.