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The expectation of simulation technology is also more and more high, in the past, people only use simulation technology to simulate a physical phenomenon, simple equipment or system; today, people can use simulation technology to describe complex systems, even composed of many different systems system. This requires the simulation technology needs further development, and absorb and integrate other related technologies.

Reality (Virtual) technology, referred to as VR, is a new integrated technology in 1980s, involving computer graphics, human-computer interaction technology, sensor technology, artificial intelligence, etc.. Artificial environment -- virtual 3D information by computer hardware and software and a variety of sensors that can realistically simulate the real world (or non-existent) things and environment, people into this environment, immediately "personally visit" feeling, and personally operation, naturally interact with virtual the environment.

VR technology has three main aspects: first, with the help of computer generated environment is illusory; second, the environmental sense (vision, hearing, touch and smell) is realistic; third, people can through the natural method (manual, eye, mouth, and other body movements) interact with the environment, the virtual environment also can real-time respond accordingly.

Virtual simulation technology is based on the rapid development of information technology, multimedia technology, virtual reality technology and network communication technology, the simulation technology and virtual reality technology, is a kind of more advanced simulation technology. Virtual simulation technology is a typical feature of building a unified and complete virtual environment. Entities can be simulators, or other virtual simulation systems, and can be represented by simple mathematical models. Entities interact with each other in a virtual environment, or interact with the virtual environment in order to represent the real characteristics of the objective world. The characteristics of virtual simulation technology, such as integration, virtualization and networking, fully meet the needs of modern simulation technology